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Do-It-Yourself Activities

You Can Do At Home!


glitter SQUARE-1.jpg
glitter bottle.jpg
Materials needed:
glass or plastic bottle with a lid
clear glue
plastic teaspoon
cold water

1. Use a clean glass/plastic bottle with a lid.

2. Fill with cold water leaving 1-2 inches of room. 

3. Use spoon to add 1-3 teaspoons of glitter (any color(s) you want). 

4. Use spoon to add 2-3 teaspoons of clear glue. 

5. Shake gently. 

6. Add more glitter for stronger color. Add more glue for slower movement of glitter.

Optional: Use the marker to write your name or favorite lyrics, scripture, or mantra. Or add orbeez, beads, marbles to customize your own sound effects.

How to use: Shake gently to receive stress or to practice mindfulness.

Tip: You can also make one as a gift to someone!


sock heat.jpg

Materials :


Clean tube or long sock

Uncooked rice 




1. Use a clean tube sock.

2. Add 2 cups of uncooked rice (any kind).

3. Tie the opening of the socks into a knot. DO NOT staple or use rubber bands to close the socks

4. Place in the microwave.

5. Heat for 30 seconds at a time. No more than 60 seconds per heating to avoid burning.


How to use:

Once you have heated your new heat pad, cover with a towel or paper towel. 


DO NOT use directly onto skin to avoid burning.


Great for cramps (muscle, menstrual, minor body aches), stomachache, minor muscle aches


Tip: Use in increments of 10 mins to avoid burning.







Cooking all-purpose flour

Mini funnel

Plastic spoon


1. Use a balloon.

2. Place the mini funnel with a small opening inside the balloon.

3. Use spoon to slowly add into the funnel.

4. Tap gently so flour and pour into balloon

5. Fill balloon leaving 2-3cm of room. Make sure there is no air inside the balloon.

6. Tie top of balloon into a knot

7. Squeeze gently.

How to use:

Squeeze when stressed out or nervous (anxiety).


Tip: Use stress balls to rehabilitate and strengthen your hands!

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